Historic Royal Palaces, Tower of London

Over the years we have manufactured a number of interactive exhibits for the Tower of London and other HRP sites, it is always wonderful to work on some of Britain’s most popular iconic historic attractions.

Visitors can see the Duke of Clarence being dunked in a barrel of malmsey where he eventually drowns. By filming from the underside of a glass tank we were able to create the haunting visual and audio effect that delivered the strugle of his final moments.

Our latest addition briefed by Northover and Brown, InteractUn Limited supplied a visitor operated Zoetrope depicting the escape of the Earl of Nithsdale disguised and dressed as a woman. As the visitor turns the handle the zoetrope spins and the Earl can be seen on the run away through a small viewing aperture.

The use of sensors and lighting allow visitors to reveal the hidden secret message inscribed on paper using orange juice, one of the most ingenious plans of John Gerard’s ‘great citrus fruit escape’ in October 1597.

These images are a sample amongst many others exhibits such as an interactive map that allow visitors to plan their route through the buildings, look at 360 imagery were access is limited and read about many of the towers prisoners through the years.

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