Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre

Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre is the gateway into a stunning historical forest; home to the legendary outlaw Robin Hood and some incredible ancient giants, including Major Oak. In August this 2018, the doors opened on the brand-new centre in its new location on the edge of the woodland. The centre is managed and protected by the RSPB and partners, who took on the project when the old centre came to the end of its lifespan.

Working with the designer Skellon Studio and Scena Productions InteractUn limited supplied an interactive flip display animating a bud shooting into flower over time lapse.

The display was based on the split flap system taking a number of time laps frames from a digital video to be shown, as the hub rotates each frame comes into view giving a charming view the shooting bud. The display is operated by visitors that turn a handle which operates the motor to rotate the spindle at the correct speed to optimize the visual impact.

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