Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre

SSH’s Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre (ASCC) is a new world-class museum district within Kuwait City forming part of Kuwait’s new national cultural district. Visitors can enjoy six distinct experiences, each housed within their own buildings at the complex, which are a Natural History Museum, Science Museum, Museum of Islamic History, and Space Museum, as well as a Fine Arts Centre and Theatre. Each building contains an array of permanent and temporary world-class exhibits and artworks.

One of IntractUn Limited’s largest projects we supplied over 23 interactive exhibits through 3 galleries within the museum. In this project contracts were divided up into various specialties so InteractUn coordinated with each specialist to integrate hardware and software into electro mechanical turnkey displays. Taking free issue elements from each supplier we designed and built the display using in house electronics and mechanics to work seamlessly to form final stunning interactive. Amongst the most popular are an animatronic Mudskipper triggered by the visitors, some opening flower triggered by visitors making the correct choices on a touch screen and a giant oyster shell that opened by turning a handle.

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