National Museum Of Scotland, Touring Exhibition.

Monkeys! A Primate Story is a major, family-friendly exhibition which explores the world of primates, from the tiny mouse lemur to the mighty gorilla.

The exhibition features 60 spectacular new taxidermy specimens created by National Museums Scotland specialists, and skeletons of monkeys, apes, lemurs and bushbabies alongside a host of interactives, film, models and photography. Visitors can discover how different primates move and communicate, how they’ve developed tools to get hold of food and their complex social systems. It also examines the relationship between humans and primates, including the ways in which many species are threatened with extinction through the impact of habitat loss and hunting.

This was a fun exhibition to be part of, InteractUn won the tender to supply a number of interactive displays directly to the National Museum of Scotland. One of the interactives features VR imagery to compare the colour ranges of various primate along with a large termite mound where visitors use tools and compete to fish and catch termites. In order to achieve the termite brief a full size prototype was created to step through the game play with the client to achieve the final outcome. Electronic displays were designed in house to time, sense and score the whole activity. As with all our we pride ourselves with great care to identify and resolve all safety aspects of our work, in this case choking hazard and stick length were key considerations. The fishing for termites proved to be extremely popular with the children with very affective fun learning outcomes.

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