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Ahmad Al-Jaber, Oil & Gas Exhibition. The Exhibition plays an important role for KOC by telling the history of oil, both in the State of Kuwait and throughout the world. From the formation of oil to its discovery and all of the ways that oil products help, make our lives better. The exhibition serves to answer any questions the public may have about oil and gas and the important functions they play in our modern lives.

InteractUn Limited was proud to develop the Oil drop centre piece and 4 plug and play oil based exhibits. The centre piece was designed to represent the volume of oil processed per hour at the time which required dropping six tones of Oil in four seconds into a clear centre tube standing at three meters tall, then pumping the oil back up to start the cycle again every five minutes.

The oil drop exhibit involved some serious engineering and structural calculations along with rigorous prototyping undertaken by InteractUn Limited.

The remaining high quality exhibits were hands on interactive designed to allow visitors to experience the varying properties of type of oil.

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