Kenwood House, Dolls House,

On the edge of Hampstead Heath surrounded by tranquil landscaped gardens, Kenwood is one of London's hidden gems. The breathtaking interiors and stunning world-class art collection are free for everyone to enjoy. With children's activities such as the popular interactive dolls house for children to play with.

The dolls house features all of the characters as peg dolls during Lord Mansfield’s residence. Each doll can be placed in a specific room to find the lost object. Clues are given to the item that they are looking for, when the young visitor has place the character in the correct location the rear panels illuminates to reveal a picture as a reward.

Interact worked with Scena Prodiuctions and to manufacture all of the electronics systems within the interactive including PCB design and build a game programming.

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  • Interactive electronics and PCB design.
    Interactive game programming.