Epic Ireland Museum

EPIC tells the moving and unforgettable stories of those who left the island of Ireland, and how they influenced and shaped the world. EPIC embraces the past and the future with 1,500 years of Irish history and culture housed in its atmospheric vaults. The world’s only fully digital museum, experience this breathtaking story in state-of-the-art interactive galleries, complete with touch screens, motion sensor quizzes and a feast of powerful audio and video that bring Irish history to life. Watch characters from the past tell one-of-a-kind tales of adventure and perseverance, conflict and discovery, belief and community.

A series of audio mechanical interactive books are set into a large book case, as the illuminated book is tipped out of it’s location by the visitor an audio story is revealed. The final delivery on this project looked very simple however behind the simple design is a great deal of consideration. Safety feature with this type of interactive are essential to avoid painful finger traps, in addition to this with such a popular visitor destination high traffic and usage requires very robust build technique and design. We are also familiar with the desire to have no visible fixings while making things easy to maintain.

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